Key Suppliers Of Mil-Spec Elastic Products

South Carolina Elastic Company is the only U.S. manufacturer that can supply all of the basic military specification mil-spec elastic, narrow fabrics and cord constructions, woven, knitted and braided elastic products, to the military and major manufacturers. We are key suppliers of mil-spec elastic, military spec webbing products and mil-spec shoelaces, boot laces, and we are certified to produce “critical use” items to the military made right here on US soil.

MIL-SPEC, or (informally) “Mil-Specs”, is a United States defense standard used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Standardization is beneficial in ensuring products meet specific requirements, commonality, and reliability.


Mil-Spec Parachute Cords, Tapes, and Webs

Our mil-spec webbing nylon and polyester parachute cords, tapes and webs are used in personal chutes and cargo systems.

Mil-Spec MOLLE System Cords and Tapes

We manufacture all of the cords, elastic and non-elastic, and tapes used in the MOLLE system, the improved outer tactical vest (IOTV), as well as specification cords for sleeping bags, coveralls, masks, field packs, canteen covers, and unique need items.

ACU Apparel Cords and Tapes

If it’s a government mil-spec cord or tape, we make it! Our cords and tapes are used in the every ACU Uniform and every Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, all JSLIST Uniforms and all Wet Weather Parkas.

Mil-Spec Laces

We are the largest supplier of military specification laces used in Combat Boots, Jungle-Desert Boots, Assault Boots, Muk Luk, and women’s and men’s dress shoes.


Complete Listing of MIL Spec Items